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  • Continuation of riverside route from Racecourse to Cop & Dee Path

    Created by Simon B // 1 thread

    Adjacent to existing apartments on Sealand Road near the Cop is a new development currently under construction by Watkins Homes Ltd. Curently there is a barriered-off ramped access to Sealand Road to cross the Canal entrance to the river that leads around the exisiting apartments. This was originally envisaged as part of a continuous shared use riverside route.

    The development of the site offers the opportunity to ensure that shared use access can be maintained, developed and improved along the riverside route that skirts the perimiter of the Racecourse and continues to the River Dee path that leads to Garden City and Queensferry. This could be before residents purchase properties who could well be resistant to a pathway near their new homes.

    Whilst the access to the River Dee from the Shropshire Union Canal presents a barrier to a straightforward continuation of the riverside route to join the River Dee shared use path into Wales, the creation of a small extension around the permiter of the new development under construction would mean that an attractive continuous offroad route could be created with minimal additional works (widening of the existing footway for approximately 100mtrs).

    It would be helpful to gather thoughts and ideas before the developers and Planning and Highways Department of the Local Authority are approached about this opportunity

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  • Land At Sutton New Hall Farm Ledsham Road Little Sutton Ellesmere Port

    Created by Simon B // 1 thread

    A large area of land to be developed for residential housing near Ledsham/Little Sutton Ellesmere Port is the subject of ongoing planning applications by the developer.

    The area, once developed for housing, offers the opportunity to access Capenhurst Station via a new shared use route that could be created as part of the development and also making use of an existing track in the ownership of National Grid which leads to a electricity distribution substation from Capenhurst Lane.

    The proposal is for a residential development of up to 2,000 homes, up to 400 sqm of retail floor space for a local shop, a new primary school, a community building, a new linear park, playing fields and other public open space, new allotments, together with new accesses, streets and other related infrastructure.

    A Full Outline Application 12/02091/OUT (approved on appeal by the developer) and a 'Reserved Matters Application' 16/05464/REM (currently awaiting decision) refers to the area in question. and can be viewed on the Cheshire West and Chester Council Planning portal.

    Currently there are no plans by the developer or planning authority to create access to Capenhurst Station from the development affording opportunities for accessing employment in Liverpool/Wirral/Chester through use of public transport.

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