Just needs some white paint!

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Added by Chris Neston

A lot of money was spend a couple of years ago providing a segregated tarmac path along Chester Road between Bretton Lane and Saltney Ferry Road. This provides an excellent link for cyclist coming over Saltney Ferry Bridge and heading into the area Sount of Bretton which means rural Flintshire and Cheshire, It is well used but only designed for people heading west along the road.
Prior to the cyclepath construction there were very narrow cycle lanes painted on both sides of the road, these were narrow and of no practical value to anyone. With the introduction of the cyclepath leading West there is the opportunity to repaint the road removing the west bound narrow lane, moving the centre line of the road south a little and then making the East bound lane double its present width. This would not be perfect but would be a great improvement on what exists now and cost very little.


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